Wuquf at al-Mash'ar

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Wuqūf (staying) in al-Mashʿar al-Ḥarām (الوقوف فی المشعر الحرام) is the third obligatory rite of hajj. One should go from 'Arafat towards al-Mash'ar al-Haram and stay there which is a very famous and well-known place.

Wuquf (staying) at al-Mash'ar is among the worships which should be accompanied by correct intention.

The time for obligatory wuquf at al-Mash'ar starts from time of fajr until sunrise of 10th of Dhu l-Hijja. However, on the basis of caution, one should make intention of wuquf from the time of entry in al-Mash'ar, i.e. after departure from the land of 'Arafat. It is obligatory to stay at al-Mash'ar from fajr to sunrise. However, the fundamental element is implementation of stay even if it would be for a span of two minutes. Then if a person stay there only for the essential time period (of even some minutes) and does not stay there the remaining period purposely, his/her hajj would be valid. However he/she has committed a forbidden act. But if he/she does not stay at least to the extent to fit the definition of stay (wuquf) purposely, his/her hajj would be void.

Women, children, the disabled and old people who are excused due to fear of crowd or illness along with the people responsible for their care and protection i.e. nurse, servants etc. may make their presence short at night before Eid al-Adha in al-Mash'ar and leave for Mina.


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