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If a person commits one of the forbidden acts of ihram inadvertently or out of negligence, kaffara is not obligatory for him. An exception to this rule is hunting that has obligatory kaffara in any case. The place of animal slaughtering for kaffara of hunting in umra is the holy city of Mecca, while for hajj it is Mina. On the basis of caution, one should perform it in the same way for other kaffaras (not for hunting). However, if a person does not slaughter the animal in the holy city of Mecca or Mina, it suffices to slaughter the animal in his native country or at any other place after returning from hajj.

The person who has to pay kaffara is not allowed to eat from its meat. However, there is no harm in eating from other obligatory, mustaḥabb, and nadhr sacrifices. Kaffara of forbidden acts of ihram should be given to the needy people.