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Mawlid Fāṭima (Arabic: مولد فاطمة) was the birthplace of Lady Fatima(a), the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (s), in the house of Lady Khadija(a) in Mecca. This place was a room in Lady Khadija's house, which had a dome built over it, and was a place of pilgrimage and existed until the 14th/20th century. This place has disappeared today and is in the area of al-Masjid al-Haram.

Lady Khadija's House

Lady Khadija's house in Mecca, where Mawlid Fatima was one of its rooms, was the same house where the Prophet of Islam(s) lived after marrying Khadija until he migrated to Medina. This house has disappeared today and it is inside the al-Masjid al-Haram

Fatima's Birthplace

Mawlid Fatima (Fatima's birthplace) was a room in Lady Khadija's house over which a dome was built. This part of Lady Khadija's house has been known and visited since the 6th/12th century.[1] This house had two domes. One was the dome built over the Prophet's place of worship and was called the Qubbat al-Wahy, and the other was the dome built over Fatima's birthplace. According to Taqi al-Din al-Fasi, the historian of Mecca, in the 9th/15th century, Khadija's house was known as Fatima's birthplace.[2]

Other reports show the presence of Fatima's birthplace in Khadija's house until the beginning of the 14th/20th century. According to Muhammad Labib al-Batanuni, who went to hajj in 1327/1909, Fatima's birthplace was a 7.5x4 meters room, in the middle of which there was a small compartment, known as the birthplace of Lady Fatima.[3]

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