Masjid al-Khayf

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Masjid al-Khayf (مسجد الخيف) is the biggest mosque in Mina and falls in south, likewise on the left side of those who come from 'Arafat to Mina. It is said that during Hajjat al-Wada' (the last hajj of the holy Prophet (s)) the holy Prophet (s) pitched his tent in this area while in the place where the mihrab of this mosque stands now, said prayers for five times from noon prayer to the morning prayer.

Al-Mu'tamid the Abbasid Caliph in 869 CE, Muhammad b. Ali al-Isfahani in 1163 CE, Ibn Marjani in 1320 CE, Qaitbay in 1469 CE, Sultan Muhammad Qizilvayh in 1661 CE and Sulaiman Agha on behalf of Sultan Muhammad in 1681 CE took efforts for repairing of the mosque. In recent years, the old building was demolished and got replaced with a beautiful mosque with a great capacity of accommodation. This mosque is open during Mina rituals (Baytuta in Mina) only, however unfortunately, the gathering of homeless people in the mosque prevents pilgrims to stay there, -except in prayer times- whereas it is difficult to say prayers there anytime else.


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